We have built a unique complex of two separate buildings in the quiet part of the village, right by the woods, where you can find anything that you need for a nice stay with friends or colleagues. Explore what we have created for you.


  • 16 persons

A unique place for families with children or groups of friends. Kitchen with bar, connected to the dining room, large common area, 6 different types of rooms all together with 16 beds and 4 extra beds.


  • 24 persons

An unforgettable place for a larger group. Kitchen with bar, connected to the dining room, large common area, 9 different types of rooms all together with 24 beds and 6 extra beds.


You will find everything to make your stay really enjoyable.

  • Swimming pool

    The cottages are connected by an indoor swimming pool heated both in winter and in summer so that the water is just pleasant. The pool contains salt water so it is more gentle for children. At the pool you will find everything you need: deck chairs, shower, toilet, dressing room, but also a pool bar. And for technical enthusiasts: the pool is dehumidified by unique overpressure technology.

  • Football

    There is a table football ready for you in each cottage. Organize a weekly tournament with announcing winners and awarding of valuable prizes (or with a promise: “We will bring you the medals…”) or just warm up for a joy in a friendly match.

  • Darts

    Who would not be familiar with this pub entertainment. But still, it is a nice feeling to hit the middle, triple 20 or finish the game with 501 doubles and become the winner.

  • Parking

    A paved area is situated next to each cottage. The car park is big enough for all guests in the cottage.

  • Terrace

    In front of the swimming pool we have situated a spacious terrace with wooden floor, where you can relax. Or you can lide on the grass at the terrace located by the children playground, which is hidden between the cottages.

  • Faucet

    Beer and bottling equipment, no holidays can ever get by withouth these two things. And for beer connoisseurs, beer is tapped using Bio-gon gas (CO2 + N2 mix). It is bit expensive, but way better!



When in nature the natural materials shall be used. This is why all floors are made of quality wood. And thus spacious wood-smelling rooms are available for your lovely sleep. However, the rooms are also modern and very pleasant for stay: views of surrounding hills through great wooden windows, you can enjoy the fresh mountain air on the terrace or balcony.

When it comes to the air: both cottages are equipped with heat recovery units for a pleasant indoor environment. Each room / apartment has its own spacious bathroom with underfloor heating.


In each cottage there is a fully equipped kitchen with a bar with all necessary appliances (2x cooker with oven, 2x dishwasher, several refrigerators and freezer, microwave oven, coffee maker, tapping equipment for beer, etc.), as well as enough dishes for dining and cooking. The kitchen is connected to the dining and seating area, followed by area with seats and a TV. Fireplace stoves and wine refrigerators ensure the right evening’s atmosphere.


We consider also the smallest children

When we were building the cottages, we thought a lot about children and parents. That is why we are just finishing the children´s ski slope, children playground with trampoline, sandpit and a slide, and the large sports court 28 x 15m, which shall be glazed in winter for ice skating. In each cottage there is one larger room with enough space, where children can play together, draw and even sing. You can play them the TV bedtime story on TV. Children of all age shall be also pleased by the indoor pool heated all year round. Bigger children could then join you also in a sauna or whirpool, they can play on the large playground along with adults or they can help to savor sausages.


You are coming to spend a lovely time at us. And we know it.

Grilling in a summer evening, in the middle of nature. Tanning in the grass. Quiet sitting next to the stove after skiing or hiking in the snowy mountains. Relaxation after a cycling trip in a heated pool. Or even a great birthday party! We designed the cottages to make the stay an unforgettable experience.